Kayamar is of course not only a "Youtube-composer" but also ready to perform live in concerts and parties. You may find his own compositions, transcriptions, improvisations and improvisative games with the audience on his programme also. He is able to sing anywhere, anytime, anyhow, with anyone. That's why he is Kayamar, that's why he is the music (a)live.

Kayamar wrote for requests of companies many times. Below, you may find his composition that served as an international conference's official song in 2011. On the event attended by 160 countries the organizers wanted 'something dynamic' but traditional implementing the Hungarian folksong 'Tavaszi szél'. (The video contains the full version, however, only the second part - from 0:57 - was used by the organisers.)

Kayamar got into the spotlight first after winning the T-mobile's  competition for composers (2011), overtaking more than 500 competitors. His composition was to be the base of the T-mobile's new TV commercial. The challenge was to write music to one of three videos given. The "film 1" is the winner one, the second is just the cherry on the pie.