All these things are just tools to let him unfold his artistry in composing. Kayamar has a really unique, catching and easy-to-recognize style using elements from baroque music to contemporary classical, jazz and pop styles. His artistry is largely influenced by his studies at the famous Franz Lisz Music University of Budapest, where he has learnt conducting. The range of Kayamar's compositions extends from choir works through classical masses to advertisements' music. You may also watch how fast is his composing procedure by clicking on the video below.

Kayamar has an unbeleivable vocal range of more than 5 octaves, from Ab0 to C6. His real speciality is his astonishing double-low register, meaning at least an octave lower than it is written in any operas, that he performs with full, roomshaking resonance. He reaches these notes with a special technique, "overrelaxing" his vocal chords. Althought his natural type of voice is bass-baritone he studied  classical songs and arias in tenor during his Conservatory years. You may check his "6 A-s" by clicking on the tuning fork on the header of the website. Also listen to him using his lowest in a unique rendition of "The Old Ship of Sion" - a gospel with one of the deepest bass lines ever, transposed down by a half octave. The penult note is off the piano - most Hifi systems are not even able to give it back.

With the abilities he has and with his unique improvistaion style and joyfulness Kayamar is capable of incredible stunts. In the video below he is singing to lyrics he has just got in hand on the stage and he is improvising on it without a minute of preparation time. In certain points of the recording you may notice how he reads the poem of the famous Hungarian poet, Attila József, and gets inspiration for the next phrases - while he is already singing!

Kayamar has a pitch that is more perfect than perfect - he has maybe one of the most accurate ear all over the world. A usual man can intonate a minor second. Those with unusually good hearing are able to intonate quarter tones. He can easily intonate 32th tones and tell how many Herz is the sound he emits. In the video below you can hear the demonstration of this unbeleivable capability.