Kayamar has an unbeleivable vocal range of more than 5 octaves, from Ab0 to C6. His real speciality is his astonishing double-low register, meaning at least an octave lower than it is written in any operas, that he performs with full, roomshaking resonance. He reaches these notes with a special technique, "overrelaxing" his vocal chords. Althought his natural type of voice is bass-baritone he studied  classical songs and arias in tenor during his Conservatory years. You may check his "6 A-s" by clicking on the tuning fork on the header of the website. Also listen to him using his lowest in a unique rendition of "The Old Ship of Sion" - a gospel with one of the deepest bass lines ever, transposed down by a half octave. The penult note is off the piano - most Hifi systems are not even able to give it back.